Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ironies of life

I board a public transport bus in Chennai and sit near a big black lady, she looks at me as though am an indecent chap and that am trying to make a move towards her.

I do the same in a Mumbai public transport bus and sit near pretty chick but here the girl is cool and is even ready for a small talk.

This is as big an irony as it can get .. dear god i must say that you ve written ur equations wrong but the best part is 'i dont mind'.. he he.


devesh said...

can u temme frm wer copied this thing

Manoj said...

hey deveesh .. its a real life experience .. u go travel in a local bombay bus and do the same here in Chennai .. then am sure u would approve my observation.

Dinesh said...

Maybe, You were thinking of making a move on that big black lady

Manoj said...

ada paavi Dinesh .. do u seriously think someone can even think of making a move.