Friday, October 24, 2008

When Common Sense is not Uncommon but Rare

The famous cliché that "common sense is the most uncommon of senses" can’t be so right; I take it a step forward and say that its infact rare. Let me give you a sparkling example, I had a US Visa interview today at about 11:45 am and had gone to the consulate office promptly with all the necessary documents. I was called inside and all the mandatory checking’s were done, after which I waited for about 15 minutes for the interview which was to be conducted by an American Lady.

The Visa I had applied for was for a tourist visa - b1/b2, yes, TOURIST visa and not for a h1b or a student visa, when that’s the case I expected questions on where I wish to stay, places I would like to visit, a few questions to check on my financial soundness to support myself in US and finally to check that I don’t have any criminal records against my name but on the contrary I was asked about half a dozen questions on my educational background and on my employment. Please don’t get me wrong here, am not saying that those questions shouldn’t be asked but they are no decisive questions to determine a simple TOURIST visa and dear me, what more, I was denied a tourist visa saying that I was a potential immigrant.

Now, this was a shocker to me for a very simple reason, if u can deny a simple tourist visa citing my educational or employment background as an appropriate reason then how the hell can u even think of giving a h1b or a student visa, as everyone of them is bound to be a potential immigrant. Of course, this was a case where I can strongly say that lack of common sense was at its best and not likely to be the same on some other day but my point here is that, if a place like the US Consulate can be an epitome of uncommon sense then should I even cite other places where u find them?

This little incident, even though it doesn’t mean much lose to me, has strongly pushed me to believe that common sense is very much likely to be endemic and as a result a rarity and we all have subconsciously or unconsciously have started to accept its prevalence around us and what more, we find it to make a lot of sense.

May God save us!!!