Friday, December 19, 2008

Puppet Regime

Right after the Mumbai massacre we have been noticing the Indian government raising intense pressure against Pakistan to act against those terrorist who were responsible for 26/11 and many other attacks on the Indian soil. But the Pakistan government has been in the denial mode ever since the attack, denying the terrorists to be Pakistani nationals, when the whole world knows it’s a naked lie.

So why is the Pakistan government reluctant to accept the obvious and take concrete action against those trained terrorist, instead of making contradictory statements day in and day out. Why does the Pakistan government want proof when Ajmal kasab has openly confessed that he is a Pakistani ? Why do they want a medical forensic report when there has been a public rape ? The reason is pretty simple and quiet disturbing as well, the ministers at the helm of affairs and the President of Pakistan have been commanded to make those statements by the ISI. When the officials want to be any different, their threat to life becomes a reality in no time.

Near about a decade back, when Benazir bhutto visited America during her regime as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the U.S official showed her the satellite pictures of nuclear weapons that were being proliferated in her country. Benazir was shocked and denied knowledge of any such proliferations in her country, which looks like a blatant lie to any of us but the matter of fact was that, she was right and she was honest, the ISI and the army chief had concealed the nuclear proliferation from her. Such is the level of decentralized system that exists in Pakistan and the ministers the helm of affairs are mere puppets who are entirely controlled by the ISI of Pakistan.

That being the case, a war on Pakistan, which currently holds the distinction of being the epicenter of terrorism, looks like a real solution that would dismantle all the terror outfits in the Pakistan soil but before we jump into the war option, lets do a post mortem of the recently concluded war in Afghanistan and Iraq by the Americans. Has the terrorism reduced by any extent ? Was Osama caught ? Did the situation get any better ? The answer is a big ‘No’ because when the basic system that exists in any country is destroyed, what results is absolute chaos leading to further creation of terror outfits which are much more motivated and determined. After all, Americans are not neighbors to Iraq and Afghanistan, they are thousands of miles away from them, therefore retaliation takes quiet some time and is all the more difficult but the case of India is much more sensitive and dangerous, since having a neighbour in total chaos will pose quiet a big threat than ever before.

The most effective way to drive for a solution would be to choke all economic activities with Pakistan and convince all other countries to isolate Pakistan until all the terrorist outfits, that lie quiet conspicuously, are dismantled. Such a stand would force the common man to raise his voice and power to bring in a centralized system that restores peace and a proper system that can be relied upon.

Such a stand will have serious repercussions on the economic and social front of India as well but atleast it’s a better stand than staying ignorant, when our neighbours breed terrorists and send them across for massive destruction.

In short, we will have to force our neighbours to form a real government and not a puppet one.

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optimismattheheights said...

Most of the countries know that Pak is the culprit still they are not co operating..
Its similar to the passerby syndrome..

we are not ready to fight for the right thing... TILL IT AFFECTS US.