Monday, December 8, 2008

Terrorism but Chalta Hai

Fantastic reactions (please the pictures below and then come back to this letter), i salute NDTV, CNN IBN and other news channels for turning the tide against politicians. This is one rare occasion when the public are showing strong reactions and the politicians are just running for cover. I just love it, for a change lets make them run.

When i was coming back from Singapore yesterday, there was a person called Vijay Nambiar who was sitting beside me. He is settled in Indonesia and showed me a big letter from the Indians living in Indonesia showing strong reactions against the politicians in India. In one of the para, they ask that when Indonesia with far less GDP and technological advancement (compared to India) can capture and execute the men behind the bali blast that happened on October 2002 whose intensity and the impact is similar to the Bombay blast of 1993, why is the Indian government or lets say the political fraternity reluctant to do the same ?

Ofcourse, we all know the answer, dont we ? when power, politics and money play the game then rationality and justice jumps out of the window.

Its good that we all are reacting, atleast the politician gets to know that there is a limit to our 'Chalta Hai' attitude. But my point is until we create a proper system or a process through which our political leaders are selected, nothing will ever change. Until we make it a law, that requires the politicians at the helm of affairs to be highly qualified with a clean criminal background, nothing will ever change.

We all can shout slogans today, shout anti politician mantras today but how long can we do that, a week ? a month ? or a year perhaps ? and then we all would naturally return to our Chalta Hai attitude.

If we are not able to bring in a law that requires the politicians to be highly qualified and with a clean criminal background now then nothing ever will change.

If atleast a handful of highly qualified youth, watching all those tragedies and horrifying pictures doesnt decide to jump into politics and make a change for the better then am scared that nothing will ever change.

If nothing happens now then 'arrey bloody sub kuch Chalta Hai yaar' !!!


Deepa said...

hi manoj,

very thought provoking indeed. great posters!


optimismattheheights said...

Only thing which we need to take care is that it shouldnt be like a public memory which fades with time..

We cannot be reminded abt these ugly facts only when some horrendous incident like this happens.. Let this not be another out of sight out of mind attitute till we hit terrorism at the roots