Monday, September 19, 2011

Mere Brother ki dulhan – Review

The first thing that strikes after seeing such a movie is that, we have very much arrived in an era where directors and actors are keenly vying for difference in storyline. Though we still have Dabaang type of formula movies hitting the screens every now and then, there is definitely a strong sense of the shift on the characters of the films and risk appetite of the producers.

MBKD has certainly come out with good performances from all the actors, i was specially surprised to see Katrina performing when most of the times in the past, it was her visual impact that left a strong impression with the audience. Kudos for pulling out the life in the character given to her.

The story starts with Imran trying to find a suitable bride for his brother who looks to settle down after a break up with his girl friend. After some comical struggle, Imran finds the perfect bride in Katrina and gets the alliance fixed. Things go on smoothly until Imran and Katrina plan for a masti outing on a chetak scooter, just a few days before marriage. Things take a different turn from this point as both of them get attracted towards one another and Imran experiences his first taste of love but towards his brother’s bride and hence the apt name MBKD.

Both realize that they have a strong sense of emotion pulling them together and hence scheme a plan to break the alliance and twist it to their favour. Their scheme comes off with astounding success with Imran’s brother fleeing with his former girl friend and both the families make a hurried decision on an alliance between Imran and Katrina to cover up the incident and save their family’s esteem.

Just as everything seem to have worked out perfectly, there happens to be another twist in the tale leaving both the families in ruptures. What extends beyond this is point, forms the final part of the story.

MBKD certainly provides upteen entertainment for a one time watch but if you are planning for a second time, you may probably be wondering, how can a set of parents possibility be so stupid?

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