Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Born and brought up in a tradition based and culturally inclined Chennai, Mumbai gave me the first taste of unity in diversity. People from different walks of life rub shoulders with you everyday, a hedge fund manager doesn’t get across a day without enquiring about the next available train to Mahalaxmi from a tea stall vendor or a student of some unknown collage.

Mumbai is designed to exude an incredible sense of cooperation that no other city can boast of, a line repair in western line at some point in Dadar or King’s circle is somehow communicated to the other person standing in Churchgate who is wondering about the next train to Andheri.

Welcome to Mumbai, the third largest city in the world comprising of 1.8 crore residents who exhibit complex adaptive system and a place where people compete and cooperate everyday. Am not by any chance hinting at an absence of the same in some other city but Mumbai executes it at astounding levels than in any other place. One can easily exist in isolation say in a Delhi, Chennai or a Hyderabad but am not sure how many would be able to or will be willing to do the same here.

Over the past 2 and a half years, I have certainly fallen in love with Mumbai, not for the stench and narrow roads but rather for imparting the essential life skills that is so much necessary to sustain and evolve in life.

As I head back to Chennai in a week’s time to open a new chapter, I won’t be going back with a rich bank balance but certainly with much richer experience.

Mumbai Meri Jaan!!!

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