Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review : Imagining India

To start with, am quiet puzzled by the title of the book “Imagining India” since the book is more about India’s history from 1800’s to early 2000’s than about India’s future and such being the case, I cant figure out what Mr. Nilekani had actually imagined.

Imagining India is basically a history book that explains the impact of British rule on Indians and the policies made by the Indian politicians post-independence. The book rear views the reader with a lot of interesting events and facts that tracks us back from the past and provides a gist of why we are here today. Nilekani tries to reason out why India took more than 4 decades post-independence to flourish as a booming economy and a lot of details provided are in fact a must know for every Indian citizen.

But having said that the book fails to picturize or imagines (as claimed by the title) India in the near or the far future and there has been hardly any interesting ideas for the new century that was discussed in the book. Having been a co-founder of a prestigious and a highly respected software company, one really can’t understand why he chose to be more of a historian than a visionary lamp of the future.

On the whole ‘Imagining India’ or for a more apt title ‘India and its history’ happens to be a dry book and an utter disappointment for someone who expected thought provoking predictions, informations or the likely trends about India’s future.