Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vegam - A telefilim (trailer)

In an era where being in nuclear family is the in-thing, have u ever wondered what life would be like to live in a joint family. Just imagine a household, with members of 3 different generations sharing space, what would erupt is not just the difference in the value system but the difference in the way of life itself.

While a letter from a female colleague stating 'with love' prefix before her name maybe just a caring remark for the current generation Software Professional Sridhar, it happens to be an incorrigible stain on the family for his pious Grandfather Sunderesan.

While a causal bend to touch the feet is enough for Sridhar to show his respect, a complete 'horizontal-lying-on-the-floor' type traditional obeisance is the minimum requirement to receive the respect for his tradition driven Grandfather Sunderesan.

If Sridhar is quick to retort, his Grandfather is quicker in garnering enough support through his intense emotions.

In this kind of a scenario, the scope for mind-blowing arguments, perplexing interpretations and everlasting misunderstandings is just enormous, which is exactly what Vegam captures in its short one hour and 17 minutes of tele film.

Interested!!! .. Go ahead and ask for the full copy.

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optimismattheheights said...

continue to act.. really loved this play :D

Deepa said...

awesome manoj! never knew you had such potential..the subject is also close to reality..good work keep it up

Viola said...

good job Manoj.. you have enacted the young man emotions so well.. gr8 continue..

Diana Nathan said...

it really gud...
al d best for a gr8 success....
u also luk gud in it.... al d best..

ashika said...

uncanny closeness to reality! i, for one, can relate loads to this script personally, emotionally.

congrats manoj, wud love to see the rest of the film!!

Mathangi Vijaykumar said...

Hey just saw the telefilm.. Excellent concept, but the execution could've been better, I felt. The acting in telefilms may be a little more subtle than you do in stage shows. That kinda showed up in the performances. I felt the person who did the roleof Grandpa has done a great job. You were also pretty good but could've been subtle. But if it is a first attempt, its tremendous.. Good job.

Nancy Sam said...

hey manoj saw ur movie ..ur acting was really gud ..but they only think i dnt like was they way u stand :( it wasnt looking gud..apart from its gud.

Lubna said...

alright .. face too cheerful/smiley almost in most of the scenes

some places.. especially last scene.. too dramatic.. a bit jumpy actually
ya overall .. a bit above average
iam sure u will pick up as it goes
for a starter good
alright .. i willmake ur day ... u were better than abhishek bachan in his first movie :)

iam just being frank.. so that u improve were ever u r required
u reminded me of simbu here and there.. in the over dramatic scenes
iam sure u will get to sharukh level some day

Srivathsa Chakravarthy said...

All the Best Mate... Hope it does wonders for you :-)

Subrata Chakraborty said...

good going Manoj ..another"Ranikant" is rising??.."why this kolaveri di"..!!

Kamal Ravichandran said...

Mama..super acting :)

Vijayaraghavan Ganesan said...

gud one da...